🌸 Lyric  ~ Space~ Time 🌸

Images from half human, fully arcadian (2021)

sometimes jasmine startles the entire world awake with lust for what can’t be accounted for.

— june jordan.

i’m in destruction mode, if the gold exists.

— kendrick lamar, control. feat etc.

~~statement 🕸

being an agbèrò & poet underneath it all, i work across      form(sometimes unknowingly destroying it to reformulate it.)

i dwell with experience—
knife it, knife time,      
   to unfurl bodily & psychic wounds laying within marginalized histories, within survival,
        and/or beauty, pleasure, ecstasy. 

up sometimes at 3AM thinking about the art of experience and the experience of art.    
i embrace trans~spiriting—a practice, poetics & soaked living mediated by yorùbá cosmology,

                              an erotics

                   both vast and alive—       

                             IN RELATION

w/ processes in  REVERSAL

            & wet engines SPIRALLING


    liberation & bloodtheories🩸 LOCATED IN THE BLOOD🧬 and outside of it,

     powrd  by  KNOTTY FUNK      
                     the work pouring out

can be very CHILL or very naughty, can be the water’s salve or siren...

                           tho 4 sure       it’s altogether rhythm-ing, altering

for a regenerative spiritbody  (= is you seeing?!!!  & did youR cells see too?!!)
                         as hybrids, these material scraps: the lyric, choreopoems or “artworks”
r fruits of wet play💦  externalising landscapes of survival and the continuous pursuit of liberation. 🗝


selected WORKS 



Weaving lyric, collage, lyric essay, video and sound, PERFEKT TRANS~ makes home for Suni—boi, girlboi and nothing all at once—gathering lived experiences with existential dysphoria, the afterlife of traumas, embodiment and gender divinity.
Experiential Art Box, Mixed Media: Text (Lyric), Collage, Text, Risograph Print on Paper, Digitized Drawing, Fabric, Sound, Video. Size and Dimension Variable.

Whiskery Squid (2020)


Even the body can take over language when you are refusing to see…
Through a self-prescribed splitlectic, Whiskery Squid speaks as memoirs in memories. The poems and lyric essays in this collection dissociate from the mantle of silence: when can too much be injurious? Violence enacted twice. Is brokenness such a threat? Whiskery Squid is a receipt of acceptance, subterranean drills into human hours, tentacles beyond but from a single self, surreal echoes. It embodies an expanded sense of what it means to memoir: to breathe, never excluding those dank minutes, to heal ad infinitum, commingling timescapes, to fail forward, to press body to another, be in oceanic conversation.

As an art book produced in collaboration with Alexander Si, the fragments transcend mere text into a performative-interactive experience. Two hands making this one thing blurs conventional understandings of the memoir. In cracks and cool cuts,  Whiskery Squid raises salutations to hearts well pulped, well alive.

Mixed Media: Leather, Moleskine Paper Stock, Elastics, Ribbon, Strings, Post-It, Postcards, Paper Clip, Tape
8.25” X 5” X 0.75”

70 Pages (25 Inserts, Fold-Outs, Art Prints, And Replicas Of e Author’s Personal Souvenirs) First Edition of 20. Interactive Experience Designed And Handmade By Artist Alexander Si.
Photos by Alexander Si.

+GIF Excerpts
Splices from, if in spring we gathered a small record of time tiding out. Single Channel, 4:44 mins

 i’m still with you </3 (2023)

languorously november (2022)

ode to queer touch(2021)

at least, we’re chilling, (2023)

As part of video design for the choreopoem FOR BROKEN BOIS.


[lyric essays, visual essays]
Image from the psychogeography of may(2020)
Browser Based Art: Image, Sound, Text: lyric.

[Experience Archive]

Still from september treat me less harsher than may (2021)
Browser Based Art: Virtual Verse(Image, GIFs, Text.)
essay on motion(2023)
eros so wild so sweet thank you
the short fluttering (2020)
[Archived here]

>>selected COLLAGES<<

Selected Collages:  Children of Terror (2023); don’t go looking for lowly eros(2021); Constellation(2022); between life and death drive(2023); Moon Corrals Us(2023); gender fail (2021); & haven reddened into arrival(2022); 1/2 of constellation & sea shadows(2023); Untitled(2023); Transie (2023) for glass cock’s monologues (from the anarchy of coloured transies).


Sev7en digital print on self-adhesive vinyl, letter-spacing randomizer software, 89.5 x 128 cm each, 2022. With Matthias Liechti. Photo: Moritz Schermbach.

feral4freedom, 2022. míxed media (produced with marylin rini). ongoing series of space poems


+ Gif Documentation
ashewo wey dey hustle(2021-2022)“In Fusées (1945), French poet Charles Baudelaire posed the question “What is art?” and answered with a single word: “Prostitution.”

There’s of course the ever present issue of commodification that every art and working artists face, as this opinion expresses—

“Fraser took Baudelaire answers up a notch; she literalizes the metaphor of the artist as prostitute, though only for one short night, in order to embody the transactional, intimate, and exploitative quality of buying and selling in the art market.” [1] 
It is not lost on me that of the first two artworks that sold stateside, one was erotic.

well shit, beat that shit four times call me nine lives, call it purrrrfect timing. (variation i & iii)
if you treat it like a small and fragile light, vulnerable to wind and whatever, easily extinguished by the weight of our steps, then everything becomes a dance. you have to release the heaviness in your body and get gentle with darkness on the move.”

4rm m archive, Alexis Pauline Gumbs.

I do not yet know a thing more complex than black survival.  I am inspired by my own survival as an immigrant in the United States, as it directly informs wise and transgressive (motions) future(s). & well, the way to get ahead of mere survival i’ve found, is through ritual movements. to ride and be ridden.

Solid Drift(2021-2022)
Performance in Collaboration Dulce Lamarca & Chip Ryback.

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