🌸 Lyric  ~ Space~ Time 🌸

Images from golden shoes(2021)

sometimes jasmine startles the entire world awake with lust for what can’t be accounted for.

— june jordan.

i’m in destruction mode, if the gold exists.

— kendrick lamar, control. feat etc.

~~statement 🕸

being a poet at heart, i work across form
(sometimes unknowingly destroying it to reformulate it), 

                  i embrace trans~spiriting—a praxis & soaked living mediated by yorùbá cosmology.

i dwell with experience. i might knife experience, knife time,      
   to exhume + unfurl heavy things like the effects on body & psyche laying within marginalized histories, within survival, or light, transmuted things like pleasure, ecstacy. you’ll sometimes find me up at 3AM thinking about the art of experience and the experience of art.

i work a lot with spirits in my imaginary—

                   vast and alive—     


WILD /  UNBOUND & WAYWARD /          POLYVOCAL        
                             & IN RELATION

w/ processes in  REVERSAL

             wet engines SPIRALLING


liberation & bloodtheories🩸 LOCATED IN THE BLOOD🧬 and outside of it,

                     the work that comes 

can be very CHILL or very naughty, can be the water’s salve or siren...

                           tho 4 sure       it’s altogether rhythm-ing, altering

for a regenerative psychosoma (is you seeing & did youR cells see too?)

                         as hybrids, these material scraps, choreopoems or “artworks”
r wet play💦  externalising landscapes of survival and the continuous pursuit of liberation. 🗝




Installation Shot: feral4freedom, 2022. míxed media. ongoing series of space poems.

image from the psychogeography of may(2020)
Web Lyric: Image, Sound, Text.

Featured Image : i
Poememe Collage Series (2021)
Still from september treat me less harsher than may (2021)
Virtual Verse: Image, GIFs, Text.

Still from gender fail (2021)
Collection of Verse Videos (2020 Ongoing)

half human, fully arcadian

Experiential Performance Suite (Ongoing)

Solid Drift(2021):
Performance in Collaboration Dulce Lamarca & Chip Ryback.
Photo by Barbara Hermor

Whiskery Squid(2020)
Mixed Media, First Edition of (20), produced in collaboration with Alexander Si.
Photos by Alexander Si.

© 2021 — Adéolá Olákìítán